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The majority of computer users is into Microsoft’s Windows as their preferred desktop operating system because of many good reasons. But when it comes to smartphones Microsoft tried it but failed miserably. Devices running Android and iOS dominate with a market share of 99%. If you don’t have a significant share in the mobile market … Continue reading Continue on PC

Inspiration got an update

The app Inspiration is for both, creating mind maps and concept maps. What’s the difference? Mind Maps are captured visualizations of fairly independent objects gearing for extensions and loosing much of their relevance for people who weren’t involved in the creation process. The tree limb is just connected to the bole. Concept Maps visualize knowledge … Continue reading Inspiration got an update

Discount Spreadsheet

You find lots of sophisticated and powerful apps in Apple’s App Store. Some of them are shining examples for simplicity and plain design and follow the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid). One of them is Discount Spreadsheet by Luminant Software, Inc. It got an updated UI and a long awaited new keyboard in July … Continue reading Discount Spreadsheet