Importing Data

The workaround ... Accounting data are to be imported on an iOS-Device. The data source is a CSV file exported from Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access. If you want to check out same results or need data for tests download the file here SAMPLE-RECORDS-ACC-6Years-US.csv It contains accounting data with account numbers, account names, and accounting … Continue reading Importing Data

iWork and iCloud

iCloud is a powerful feature provided by Apple for syncing, backing up and managing documents on Apple-Devices. If you use more than one iOS-Device you cannot believe how much benefits you will have when iCloud is turned on. It's the highest integrated service for Internet capable devices ever provided by a company. Configure your device … Continue reading iWork and iCloud

Update 1.7 of iWork for iOS

On 2012-12-04 Apple's iWork-Suite was updated to version 1.7. This update is a major improvement of iWork for iOS without destroying the simplicity of usage. The updated features are perfectly designed and retain the simplicity of the product. From my point of view that's an intellectual stimulus for all people developing software. We will see … Continue reading Update 1.7 of iWork for iOS