An invoice created with Numbers

Apple made the iWork suite for free when buying a new iOS device to improve the user experience by providing all the basic features users expect. The iWork Suite for iOS consists of Keynote the presentation tool for creating slides and present them to an audience Pages the text editor to write letters and more … Continue reading An invoice created with Numbers

If … Then … Else

IF your device crashed THEN restore it from a backup ELSE use it for improving your life END IF Software developers call this an IF-Statement. The part marked in red is the CONDITION and the ones in blue are ACTIONS. The condition is always a question to the system with an unexceptional True or False … Continue reading If … Then … Else

Numbering in Apple’s Numbers

Numbers is Apple's app for creating spreadsheets. It's part of the iWork Suite for iOS. From my point of view it's the far away best app for working with spreadsheets on iOS devices. It's simple but yet powerful. The UI is perfect and with the last update 1.7 (2012-12-04) Apple provided a functionality called 'LOCK' … Continue reading Numbering in Apple’s Numbers