Critical notes on Mind Mapping

This is an an address to the community of mind mappers including myself. First of all let me say that I'm no professional mind mapper and my native language is not English. So please be sympathetic if there are lacks in my statements or in understanding my intention. I started mind mapping about one year … Continue reading Critical notes on Mind Mapping

iThoughts, redesigned, reengineered, re-everythinged

On May 13, 2014, Craig Scott, the developer of the mind mapping tool iThoughts released a new version designed for iOS 7. It took him 9 months of reviewing the new features of iOS 7, testing them (even Apple isn't perfect), and redesigning the old version. So it's understandable that the new version is not … Continue reading iThoughts, redesigned, reengineered, re-everythinged


Mind maps and concept maps are a perfect way to visualize creative processes like brainstorming or summarizing hierarchically or non-hierarchically organized content like feature descriptions of a software product or processes. In contrast to a mind map a concept map visualizes the whole system with it's interdependencies and it's not limited to a strict hierarchy … Continue reading Inspiration