VPN with iOS Devices (2)

My first article about this topic explained the basics of a VPN connection between a device outside your local area network and a computer inside of it. All necessary settings for firewall and iOS device are explained in this article. Step 1 Configuring the firewall Many of the VPN tunnel configuration settings in the VPN … Continue reading VPN with iOS Devices (2)

VPN with iOS Devices (1)

Think about masked figures walking on the Broadway. They are using public roads but you cannot identify them and you don't know what's going on inside their brain. That's the idea of establishing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) where the data stream uses the public internet highways but cannot be read by anyone. Capsule encrypted … Continue reading VPN with iOS Devices (1)

Network (3) Port Forwarding

Parts (1) and (2) of my articles about networks gave you some basic knowledge about networks and discussed the possibility to connect from the LAN to the WAN or in other words from the devices at home to the webservers in the outer world. The reverse way, connecting from WAN to LAN, is basically not … Continue reading Network (3) Port Forwarding