The Apple ID

If you purchase an iOS device an Apple ID is required. It's an E-Mail address and a related password. With an Apple ID you are able to use all services provided by Apple with this one and only one ID. This image shows the properties of an E-Mail address used as an Apple ID. These … Continue reading The Apple ID

iTunes and File Sharing

Introduction ... Apple offers an application called iTunes to install on a Mac/PC. This application provides a functionality called File Sharing for supporting the transfer of files between an iOS device and a computer. When I talk about File Sharing I talk about the tab APPS in iTunes and not about music, photos, or other … Continue reading iTunes and File Sharing

ROBOCOPY the iOS-Backup

You can backup your iOS-Devices on iCloud. If you additionally use iTunes you may want to transfer the complete iTunes-Backup of your devices to another location. For Windows Vista/7/8-Computers there is a powerful helper app shipped with Windows that can sync one location with another in one direction (source to destination). It's called ROBOCOPY.exe. Robocopy, … Continue reading ROBOCOPY the iOS-Backup