It would cause quite a headache

if Reminders and Calendar events stop syncing with your Apple Watch. It happened to me in May for the first time in 3 years according to Murphy’s Law “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. ‘Reset Sync Data’ solved the problem with my 1st gen Apple Watch and my iPhone 6s Plus. Here's what … Continue reading It would cause quite a headache

The Tokay Gecko

The Tokay Gecko is much more annoying than notifications on your iThing. He’s crying the whole night and believe me, there’s no way to adjust the volume or apply the “Do Not Disturb” option. Tim Cook told us at the TIME 100 Summit in April 2019: “What it has done for me personally is I’ve … Continue reading The Tokay Gecko

Rainy Season

Rainy Season started in Isaan. You can’t have everything you like. Either it’s dry and the nature needs artificial watering or it’s wet and your environment suffers from insect infestation. Fish and chickens love it I hate it. Shots taken with my iPhone 6s Plus at our house in Khon Kaen, Thailand Isaan is Thailand’s … Continue reading Rainy Season