iOS 12 User Guide

2 11 2018

OMG, 1029 pages on a 6s Plus.

Worth reading? Well, it depends.

When you buy an Apple product, one of the things it doesn’t come with in the box is a full user manual. To get a full manual, you have to go to Apple’s support website or look for its iPhone user guide on Apple Books, a great app that comes with your iPhone.

Apple has just made available an updated version of its iPhone User Guide, including new features from iOS 12.1. The user guide can be obtained for free on the Apple Books Store.

Use this link …

iOS 12 User Guide

This updated guide includes references to new features of iOS 12.1, such as dual SIM support, Group FaceTime and the ability to adjust the depth of portrait mode pictures in the Camera app. Group FaceTime was previously announced as a feature of iOS 12, but Apple delayed its release as it wasn’t quite ready for the initial build of iOS 12. Instead, Apple had promised it would ship in a future software update – which we now know is iOS 12.1.

The inclusion of Group FaceTime on this updated user guide indicates that the feature will in fact be shipping with iOS 12.1. Group FaceTime does have some limitations however, including the fact that FaceTime itself is not available on all regions and that older devices, specifically the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus will only support Group FaceTime audio-only calls.

(Source 9to5Mac)

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iOS 12 Device Compatibility

29 10 2018

Power to the old flames?

(Hopefully) iOS 12 is a powerful iteration of Apple’s operating system for iDevices focusing on stability, performance improvements (imo it doesn’t really speeds up my 6s Plus), and bug fixing.

The oldest model on which iOS 12 can be installed is the world’s first 64-Bit smartphone, the iPhone 5s (7th generation iPhone), manufactured by Taiwanese Hon Hai Precision Industry Co (aka Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer) , first released on September 20, 2013, running iOS 7.0, and supporting a fingerprint scanner. Apple wasn’t the first company using a biometric identification system but the 5s was the first smartphone with a perfectly functioning approach.

Bug fixing is just one of the main reasons to update an OS. An important other area developers have to work on is security. There are two reasons for delayed security updates from the customer’s point of view:

  • OS providers aren’t ready with fixing the vulnerability
  • You are the -proud- owner of one of the 18k different Android-based devices.

It’s all about fragmentation.

Fixing bugs is a complicated business. You have to test with multiple operating system versions, hardware vendor interface layers, hardware configurations, and network capabilities. The testing matrix for Android-based devices can be a serious challenge, impacting your product’s quality, time-to-market, and in the end, profitability.

That fragmentation is tough on developers, the folks who make apps you love. When you’re making software for so many devices, it’s difficult to make sure your app works well for each unique piece of hardware. It’s part of the reason why Android still tends to get updates much later than iOS does (except a minority of devices, aka androidone devices, running pure Android).

Less fragmentation and hardware durability is the reason why Lisa Jackson, VP of Environment at Apple, told us about iDevices:

“Because they last longer, you can keep using them. And keeping using them is the best thing for the planet.”

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First impressions with iOS 12

22 10 2018

I installed Apple’s updated OS on my iPhone 6s Plus.

• I can’t feel that big performance improvement and it’s why most of my apps first collect some necessary data via the Internet connection before they are ready to be used. So I’m not interested in benchmark figures. They don’t reflect what I’m doing with my device.

• The new feature Screen Time is useless for me. Yeah, it can be measured but what should the values tell you? I’m sure they are without consequences if you already use your device for reasonable activities.

And there’s more. I wrote this post with the app ByWord but my activity doesn’t show up under Screen Time – Creativity. That’s AI – Abnormal Intelligence.

• The keyboard could be much bigger on my 6s Plus in Landscape Mode. Too much unused space on the left and right side.

• The field to enter Text Replacements is still limited to just one short line although the screen offers enough space. Line feeds are not available.

• The clipboard still doesn’t support multiple entries.

• Developers still find a way to ask for reviews many times.

• The Compass is not reliable.

• QR-Codes cannot be scanned from the Camera Roll.

• It’s unclear why some videos can’t be edited. Also, why isn’t there an option to set the speed a video is displayed.

• Numbers 0-9 are still not available as an extension to the characters on the keyboard to avoid switching to “123”.

• I don’t like the redundancy of Settings. Settings for photos for example can be found under SETTINGS – iCloud – Photos as well as under SETTINGS – Photos. Only the latter one had the option “Mobile Data”. This is the consequence of poor design work.

• Battery – Battery Health – Maximum Capacity doesn’t show a value for some batteries which have been replaced by authorized repair centers.

• Settings – Battery show us statistical data like Screen Time does. What is it for? I looked at them and they just showed me what I already knew.

• AI in iOS? Well, I don’t see any useful improvement of what my brain already is able to do. To the contrary I get suggestions which I don’t want or like to follow.

• There’s still no publicly available folder to which all apps have access to.

• App specific data still can’t be restored individually.

• There’s no easy way to manage files on the iPhone by using a computer without installing this annoying software dino, aka iTunes.

APPS coming with iOS

• The camera app opens much faster.

• No chance to add documents saved in iCloud to Calendar events.

• No chance to add GPS coordinates to contacts which is quite important in countries which are poorly covered by Maps like Thailand where I live.

• Files still can’t access app specific document folders.

• Shortcuts isn’t fully developed. To add a shortcut to the Home Screen isn’t user friendly. I would prefer sophisticated improvements of daily routines without learning to become a programmer. Innovative ideas? AI? That’s what I miss.

If I look at the Gallery of Shortcuts I can see what’s possible but I also can see lots of useless examples. Sometimes I ask myself wether these little machines really think that humans don’t have a brain.

• The Tips app is ridiculous. Tweets on Apple’s Twitter account are way better.

Don’t get me wrong.

As a former programmer I know that customers like stable and bug free environments but hey, it’s Apple, the most valuable company in the world. I think they could’ve done more.


It’s me reporting about iOS 12 and so others with different usage intentions might have a completely different opinion.

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