Out of memory

If your iOS-Device is beginning to run out of memory it's time to look for files, their sizes, and their locations. And it's time to clean up the mess. Can I upgrade the memory of my device? That might be your first question when your device is beginning to get less and less free space. … Continue reading Out of memory

Curious stuff

Some curious stuff I found on iPhone, iPad, App Store and in the internet. Even developers are human beings and therefore do cloudy things. That wouldn't be a problem for users if there is a well-functioning internal control system. Let's be sympathetically with all the developers. I know they are always flat out like a … Continue reading Curious stuff

iCloud Backup fails

The last backup could not be completed. This message may occur if you back up your iOS-Device on iCloud. It's unrewarding like many other error messages shown on any devices. I get this message every time I delete the last iCloud backup for my iPad or iPhone going to Settings - iCloud - Storage + … Continue reading iCloud Backup fails