Great admirers

Don’t LOVE your iThing just LIKE it. Sadly there are also other very special people leaving their distinctive traces (aka Fanboy DNA) in social networks most often trying to incite one of these useless and boring platform wars, predominantly about the pros and cons of Android and iOS. Here’s just one example: ”Lol brainless samsungfags, … Continue reading Great admirers

The Apple ID

If you purchase an iOS device an Apple ID is required. It's an E-Mail address and a related password. With an Apple ID you are able to use all services provided by Apple with this one and only one ID. This image shows the properties of an E-Mail address used as an Apple ID. These … Continue reading The Apple ID

Device To Device Transfer

Why should I transfer my data over thousands of miles using an internet connection although my devices are only a couple of inch apart! Normally nobody takes care of an efficient transfer method but sometimes there is no WiFi or Cellular connection. In this case you cannot transfer data from one iOS device to another … Continue reading Device To Device Transfer