Tap Zapp Software Inc.

The strong benefit of a database is the synopsis of otherwise widely spread information. Apple's App Store offers a lot of apps suitable for productive operations but all the information saved by these apps is cut into pieces and saved in app-specific folders. Database management tools manage all the different types of information in just … Continue reading Tap Zapp Software Inc.

Pairing People with Mind Maps

In my article 'Molecules and Art' I talked about bios, researches, and arts as applications of mind mapping. This article gives some examples of pairing users and developers, or generally speaking, pairing people with different skills. Developers are technicians and users are users. Cloudy error messages and technically oriented manuals are not what users should … Continue reading Pairing People with Mind Maps

App Development + Marketing

For non-jailbroken iOS devices apps can only be purchased and installed via Apple's App Store which opened on July 10, 2008. Developers forward their products to Apple where they are reviewed first. After a successful approval test Apple releases the app and users can download it from the App Store. NOTE iOS jailbreaking is the … Continue reading App Development + Marketing