Aeronautical beacons are well-known but the only relation to my topic is that the communication between Apple's iBeacons and mobile devices also works over the air, not in the visible frequency spectrum of electromagnetic waves but in the invisible near frequency spectrum. About waves ... Your iOS devices are nothing without waves. Waves are the … Continue reading iBeacon

Photo Syncing

iOS devices are frequently used to take photos of objects or documents. If iCloud is turned on photos are automatically synced across all iOS devices using the same Apple ID in the so-called Photostream. A direct transfer of photos from the camera roll or the photostream to an external storage or another device using a … Continue reading Photo Syncing

Presenting with iPad (2)

In 'Presenting with iPad (1)' I talked about the possibilities to present any kind of information for an audience using additional hardware. This article is about an app called 'Electric Slide' working with minimal hardware requirements: a screen and a browser. About Electric Slide is a product of elucidate llc. We're a DUMBO (Brooklyn, NY) … Continue reading Presenting with iPad (2)