Not necessary. China thinks differently. The Chinese government could simply say that the presence of foreign hardware and security-protected operating systems violate its laws about data security and its right to access citizen data. An example ... Launched in 2011, WeChat, China’s most popular messaging app, has been under surveillance. Any message sent through a … Continue reading Tariffs?

We are all severely affected!

For the poor it’s even life-threatening. This year it’s terribly hot in Thailand. Even during the night we have approximately 36°. I know the country very well since 40 years and it became my residence in 2016. I’m sure it’s not just because of a range of fluctuation of the temperature. It’s because of the … Continue reading We are all severely affected!

a stands for affordable

GOOGLE ... Google announced the Pixel 3a (5.6-inch OLED display) and Pixel 3a XL (6-inch OLED display) on Tuesday during the Google I/O developers conference in Mountain View, California. The new Pixel 3a phones are essentially pared-down versions of Google’s flagship Pixel 3 lineup. The 3a costs $400 and the 3a XL $480. APPLE ... … Continue reading a stands for affordable