Sweeping statements

I hate them and without a close look on the details they are just made for getting attention. This article - a great read btw - contains statements of Apple’s Craig Federighi, SVP Software Engineering regarding an attack of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai as well as the widespread criticism of Apple’s decision to store iCloud … Continue reading Sweeping statements

Will this be Apple’s Next Big Thing?

Facebook will announce a new cryptocurrency this month. The project is called “Libra”. Facebook employees working on Libra can choose to be paid in FB-Coins (or whatever the currency will be named) or hard cash. A global launch could happen in 2020 for a user base much bigger than the Europe and the USA together. … Continue reading Will this be Apple’s Next Big Thing?

Apple’s 17-Bit OS in 2019

17-Bit not performance-capable? Not at all although it sometimes slows a bit down because of a thermally overheated market for e-loot. Beside some iOS, OSX, watchOS, and tvOS updates Apple also released a human update to its kernel, located in a spaceship, ready to launch for searching the next big thing. Where’s Angela? She once … Continue reading Apple’s 17-Bit OS in 2019