Durian ทุเรียน Durio zibethinus Weighing in at around 4 pounds and 1 foot long and 6 inches wide this ovoid, thorn-covered fruit looks more like something that would be dropped out of a B-52 at high altitude rather than fetch top dollar in the markets of Southeast Asia. You either love Durian or hate it. … Continue reading Durian

Sweeping statements

I hate them and without a close look on the details they are just made for getting attention. This article - a great read btw - contains statements of Apple’s Craig Federighi, SVP Software Engineering regarding an attack of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai as well as the widespread criticism of Apple’s decision to store iCloud … Continue reading Sweeping statements

About Privacy

Imo the topic ‘Privacy’ is highly overrated. Since years I find countless articles and endless discussions about privacy as well as articles drawing comparisons between companies you can create accounts with. Sadly they are all worded in general terms. That’s boring. Even if I ask people what it means for them that “Apple is great … Continue reading About Privacy