Saying Goodbye

Do you want to purchase a new iThing and say Goodbye to your old love? Well, a bunch of innovative techniques are involved to keep your privacy and detach your device from your Apple account. Here is what you should know when selling an iThing. Don’t feel sad about your old love. With every iteration … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

Have a break. Have a coconut.

Tropical countries have their advantages but also some disadvantages, heat and the nature which lets you think twice booting your machines or spending the day more healthy. But wait! This is an Apple-related blog but what you see is a Lumia 550, a Surface Pro 4 both running Windows 10 Creators Update and an Androidone … Continue reading Have a break. Have a coconut.

Apple Card. Is it free?

The simple answer is: No, it’s not. Apple wants to make profit. Mastercard wants to make profit. Goldman Sachs wants to make profit. Where do they come from? As always from the customers. Retailers will calculate their costs and price them into the products they sell. Cash back? Yes, a shining example for eyewash. An … Continue reading Apple Card. Is it free?