The creeping infiltration

In some way Microsoft is better than Apple on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices. I read this article from Roland Waddilove Task lists and it inspired me to dive a bit deeper into software products of the two tech giants Apple and Microsoft. You should know that I’m a Windows power user since the very … Continue reading The creeping infiltration

Hey Google! Hey Microsoft!

What’s your take on “What happens on my work desk, stays on my work desk”. I think the only thing that everyone can agree with is that this coconut should stay on my work desk. It’s healthy. OMG, I’m still royally pissed. I can’t forget this Apple ad at the CES 2019. It was a … Continue reading Hey Google! Hey Microsoft!


No Problem. It still just works. The term „bendgate“ refers to the 2014 controversy involving the iPhone 6 Plus, where consumers alleged that the phone would bend in their pockets. This has led to a greater analysis of the structural design of mobile devices and of how users use them on a day-to-day basis. Making … Continue reading Bended!