Will this be Apple’s Next Big Thing?

Facebook will announce a new cryptocurrency this month. The project is called “Libra”. Facebook employees working on Libra can choose to be paid in FB-Coins (or whatever the currency will be named) or hard cash. A global launch could happen in 2020 for a user base much bigger than the Europe and the USA together. It’s reported that FB Coins will be tied to a “currency basket” rather than just the US$ to get some stability the Bitcoin doesn’t have. This all isn’t confirmed so let’s wait for the whitepaper expected to be released in June 18.

What about Apple?

We have Apple Pay, Apple Card and there’s CryptoKit which was announced on this year’s WWDC. It gives lots of APIs (Advanced Programming Interfaces) to developers and once may be able to make an iPhone to a cryptocurrency wallet using the secure enclave.

Will an  Coin be the NEXT BIG THING?

I think yes, it will.

I’m quite sure that we will see Google Coins, Amazon Coins, Alibaba Coins and more shortly after Facebook’s launch of their cryptocurrency.

because of Facebooks giant user base and influence I hope from the bottom of my heart that this all won’t happen. Giving EVERYTHING to big tech companies, shaping of public opinion, private data and now the money management is a horrible imagination for me. Because we already learned that these companies or rather the algorithms of their giant machines cannot be controlled.

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