The Tokay Gecko

The Tokay Gecko is much more annoying than notifications on your iThing. He’s crying the whole night and believe me, there’s no way to adjust the volume or apply the “Do Not Disturb” option.

Tim Cook told us at the TIME 100 Summit in April 2019:

“What it has done for me personally is I’ve gone in and gutted the number of notifications. Because I asked myself: ‘Do I really need to be getting thousands of notifications a day?’ It’s not something that is adding value to my life, or is making me a better person. And so I went in and chopped that.”

Hey Tim,

you’re invited to stay some days and nights here in Thailand to see that there are other sources of troubles coming from tokays, ducks, chickens, and crickets. Notifications of an iPhone are the least problem.

First shot taken with my iPhone 6s Plus this night at 3:30 am. Yes, am. Second shot taken with the same device but at a time when I still loved these animals.

Thanks for surfing by.