We are all severely affected!

For the poor it’s even life-threatening.

This year it’s terribly hot in Thailand. Even during the night we have approximately 36°.

I know the country very well since 40 years and it became my residence in 2016. I’m sure it’s not just because of a range of fluctuation of the temperature. It’s because of the climate change.

Apple and the Environment

Great, that Apple and more and more companies in the supply chain are working with 100% renewable energy.

What can I do?

Less fragmentation (OS updates for 5-6 years) and hardware durability is the reason why Lisa Jackson, VP of Environment at Apple, told us about iThings:

“Because they last longer, you can keep using them. And keeping using them is the best thing for the planet.”

So I’ll keep my 6s Plus (and my 1st gen watch) and won’t replace it by one of the new smart but overpriced devices.

Thanks for reading.