Sustainably parked!

Appleinsider February 27, 2019

Apple confirms layoff of 190 people from self-driving-car project Titan

This project is doomed to die and it was a very expensive adventure. Tim didn’t learn his lesson after visiting Germany in 2014 and getting flat refusals for a cooperation from Mercedes (and implicitly from BMW and Audi).

Steve Jobs made a belief of Alan Kay to one of the core principles of Apple:

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

It helps to boost the user experience and it also would help to let cars run safely on the roads. Apple doesn’t have the hardware and it won’t be able to partner with one of the big manufacturers in Europe and Asia.

It needs much more than just some innovative ideas to bring a car successfully on the road and make it safe.

No chance for newcomers to overtake established car manufacturers with experiences made in more than a century.

I’m sure we won’t see an Apple Car, not even a car which software kernel is developed by Apple.

Country-specific regulations, complex supply chains, sophisticated production engineering, crash testing, spare parts supply over decades, widespread sales and maintenance networks etc will make it a quite expensive adventure to get out of a minor role in the market of 4-wheel mobiles. History shows us that all attempts ended in a niche or a financial disaster.

Honestly, Apple must look for a qualified partner with an infrastructure adequate to successfully market a car, different from Korean SSANGYONG selling 1k (one thousand) cars a year in Germany.

Cobbler, stick to your trade!

Keep on designing awesome communicators,computers, watches, and entertaining services.

So if you’ve got your eye on a mustang, a Model S, or the ultimate 4-wheel device, a Porsche, go ahead and pull the trigger. You won’t see an iCar or an aCar within the next decades. It’s like waiting for Samuel Beckett’s Godot.

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