Have a break. Have a coconut.

Tropical countries have their advantages but also some disadvantages, heat and the nature which lets you think twice booting your machines or spending the day more healthy.

But wait!

This is an Apple-related blog but what you see is a Lumia 550, a Surface Pro 4 both running Windows 10 Creators Update and an Androidone Nokia 6.1 running Android 9 Pie.

Don’t worry.

The iPhone 6s Plus made the photo, the Lumia 550 is an iPhone SE-sized calling machine, the Nokia is my backup device with direct access to its file system via a USB-cable and a really big and fast internal SD-Card and serves as a 2nd source-code backup medium. The Surface Pro 4 is a 2-in-1 machine, a hybrid, a perfect companion in the Post-Desktop era (thanks to Jason Curtis who created this term in a conversation with me).

The Nokia does everything an iPhone can do. Admittedly with a not so perfect UI and UX within apps and with more complex Settings which are hard to understand for normal people. But hey, I got it new for €250 with a ZEISS camera and it’s an Androidone machine.

The Surface is a hybrid but @ Apple you won’t get this device category anytime soon. Should I pay for an iPad and a Mac? Never ever. I’m a poor retiree and I have two grandchildren who like Christmas and birthday presents from their grandnerd.

And there’s a much more important point. Windows runs on about 80% of the computers worldwide. None of the customers of my former company have Macs. Important software development is done on PCs.

So you can see,
Apple should close some gaps
and think about its retail prices.

Security? Privacy?

It’s a myth that a well-maintained PC with a not so ignorant user in front of the display is a risk. Privacy, admittedly it’s also a matter of the operating system but PRIMARILY it’s the developer who respects your privacy or not. We mustn’t talk about Facebook or Google, right? Their apps run on a lot of iOS devices and Apple can do nothing against privacy breaches. Apple’s ad at this year’s CES “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.” is so misleading.

OK, back to my coconut.

Thanks for dropping by.