Charging means staying connected

Hey Apple, is there a 75m cable available? It would cover the part of my garden in which I regularly have to cultivate fruit and vegetables.

1m of the magnetic charging cable for the Apple Watch with USB connector is €35 in the German Store. 0.3m with a USB-C connector is also €35. What? 1/3 of the length but the same price?

So the USB-C cable I’d like to have in advance of your next connector innovation is €8,750, right?

Or is there something in your pipeline which lets any of your devices survive a full 24h day?

What I learned from your bent iPads is to better order anything online with a 14-day right-to-return policy.

Believe me, if the cable is bent I’ll return it.

One last thing …

Please, don’t tell us any longer that it’s not about unit sales of your iPhones.

It’s all about unit sales because the company and it’s revenues are completely dependent on this device.

Less iPhones less profits with the App Store, iTunes, Apple Pay, accessories, iCloud, Apple Music. That’s the truth.

Thanks for reading.