The Uselessness of Industrial Design

They look awesome before you purchase them. As always Sir Jonathan and the IDg did a great job. But then you order a case because you’re concerned about the health of this masterpiece. Shortly after an exciting unboxing the design of your $1,000+ iThing is reduced to that of its case. My iPhone 4s wore a bumper and the beautiful design was still visible. Sadly there is no bumper available now.

Here’s the credo of the IDg I took from an Apple video in which Sir Jonathan Ive talks about his work:

“if everyone
is busy making everything
how can anyone perfect anything?
we start to confuse convenience
with joy
abundance with choice.
designing something requires
the first thing we ask is
what do we want people to feel
delight, surprise, love, connection
then we begin to craft around our intention
it takes time.
there are a thousand no’s
for every yes.
we simplify
we perfect
we start over
until everything we touch
enhances each life
it touches.
only then do we sign our work.
Designed by Apple in California”

Apple like no other company in the tech market firstly sells dreams then products.

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Designed by Apple in California


The Apple Industrial Design Group (IDg) is the industrial design arm of Apple Inc. responsible for crafting the appearance of all Apple products.

Image of iPhones taken from a concept video by PhoneIndustry, modified

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