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July 10, 2008
Apple said Thursday that more than 500 native applications are now available on the iPhone’s App Store for use with the new iPhone 3G that goes on sale tomorrow.

“This is the biggest launch of my career,”

said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO.

Phil Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing @ Apple:

“In its first decade, the App Store has surpassed all of our wildest expectations – from the innovative apps that developers have dreamed up, to the way customers have made apps part of their daily lives – and this is just the beginning. We could not be more proud of what developers have created and what the next 10 years have in store.”

But …

All that glitters is not gold.

Developers can buy ratings and reviews to survive in the fiercely competitive market of mobile apps.

It’s worth a look …




Hey Phil, what’s your take on this issue.

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