The Apple Logo and the Golden Ratio

Apple is well-known for its love of the so-called golden ratio, an ‘extreme and mean’ mathematical ratio that designers as far back as the third-century B.C. had identified as most likely to lead to harmonious design. The iCloud logo, for example, is designed with the golden ratio in mind and it’s widely believed that the iconic Apple logo is also designed using the golden ratio.

It’s a nice thought, isn’t it?

That Appleís logo is constructed out of mathematically perfect circles and partial circles? Unfortunately, not only is it not true, but Apple has different logos it uses even in its own official materials: the Apple icon etched into the back of your iPad is very different than, say, the official Unicode symbol.

(Source cultofmac)

You might know that the commercial version of Google+ will be discontinued in 2019. So I created the community ‘Apple iThings’ on MeWe, the social network for lots of Google+ refugees.

I used the Apple logo for this newly created group inspired by the golden ratio just because it represents the design capabilities of the company in a nice way.


Fibonacci Numbers

The golden ratio

Please invite your friends
to make this a great place for Apple fans.

How to join:

Click on
If you aren’t already on MeWe click on JOIN and fill in the required data. You mustn’t use your real name. Confirm your mail address with the mail you get from MeWe. Download the app and search for the open group “Apple iThings”. Join. That’s it.

Thank you.