Happy New Year 2019

This year will be the year in which a big company shuts down a service for millions of engaged people all over the world with shady rationales.

Life (in social networks) goes on.

Many of us are disappointed Google+ refugees who miss what they had. But the strength of humans is to accept new challenges. In my opinion life would become boring if there wouldn’t be changes.

So enjoy a new place.
For me it’s MeWe. Why?

Well, just visit my page

Join Apple iThings

to learn more about my decision.

The group I created on MeWe is heavy moderated and you won’t find any kind of bullshit from trolls and sickos.

But keep in mind it won’t be awesome an awesome new home without your engagement as commenters, contributors, and content creators.

Regarding other than technological interests in your life follow this belief of Albert Einstein in the upcoming new year:

“Peace cannot be kept by force,
it can only be achieved by understanding.”


Thomas sometimes delivers sleepy sermons. Sorry, just skip them. But if you have read this sentence you already flogged a dead horse.