Apple‘s 17-Bit Operating System

Beside some iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS updates Apple also released a couple of human updates.

The Executives …

Some executives got lost compared to the listed modules of the OS on Apple’s website in 2017.

Denise Young Smith (VP Inclusion and Diversity), Joel Podolny (VP Dean, Apple University), Richard Howarth (VP Industrial Design), and Alan Dye (VP User Interface Design).

So there is no inclusion, no diversity, no industrial and user interface design any longer.

New to the board are Katherine Adams, John Giannandrea, Isabel Ge Mahe, and Deirdre O’Brien.

So Apple stepped down from an 18-Bit OS in 2017 to a 17-Bit OS a year later.

The Products …

An operating system needs a housing in which the work is done and the bugs feel well. So an open question is which new devices will join Apple’s ecosystem in 2019. A warm welcome in advance from all dwellers already preparing their bank accounts for another attack from the spaceship commanders.

Save money, have fun.