The sunset of a great network

The consumer version of Google+ will be discontinued in August 2019. So all communities, collections, posts, comments, and memberships will be deleted.

Google has long used the phrase “Don’t be evil” as a company slogan, including it in the founder’s letter for its IPO in 2004, and at the top of its Code of Conduct.

Alphabet has exchanged that by “Do the right thing”

follow the law, act honorably, and *treat each other with respect*.

Killing Google+ is a contradiction to the new slogan.

Where to go now?

I still hope Google will change its mind but its unlikely that the consumer version will ever come back.

So here’s more about the Google+ alternative. It’s MeWe, a content network which concept is near to Google+. Mark Weinstein, CEO of MeWe, and Jason Hardy, product manager, are working hard to make MeWe the new home for disappointed G+ users.

Please join my group ‘Apple iThings’

Apple iThings on MeWe

on the MeWe next-gen social network.


Not a member of MeWe?
Open the link and Click on JOIN NOW.
Then download the MeWe app (iOS or Android) and on the home screen use ‘Search Groups’, enter Apple iThings and join. Thanks.

More about MeWe

Thanks for reading

and hopefully joining Apple iThings.