A sad day

During my visit to Germany I contacted the Apple Support at 11:00 am via the chat function of the app to replace the battery of my iPhone 6s Plus. A very very friendly chat partner made an appointment for me at the Genius Bar for 1:50 pm.

An also very very friendly employee at the Apple Store Cologne took my iPhone at 1:50 pm and told me to come back at 4:30 pm to pick up the device.

3 hours?

Nobody told me that it’ll took 3 hours.

After some coffees downtown I returned to the store and again a very very friendly employee told me that Apple refused to replace my battery because of safety concerns.


My device got an original Apple spare part 7 months ago from a non-authorized professional repair shop. They did their job in a good and workmanlike manner.

I asked Apple what to do now. They told me they can’t do anything. They won’t repair my device any longer even if the display or the Home Button would be damaged. And yes, they confirmed that the battery was an original Apple battery but it wasn’t replaced by Apple or an authorized repair shop. How did they notice it? Whatever.

Because of safety concerns?

Why did they open the device although they would expose potential buyers, visitors and employees to jeopardy?

Thank you, Apple.