iOS 12 Device Compatibility

Power to the old flames?

(Hopefully) iOS 12 is a powerful iteration of Apple’s operating system for iDevices focusing on stability, performance improvements (imo it doesn’t really speeds up my 6s Plus), and bug fixing.

The oldest model on which iOS 12 can be installed is the world’s first 64-Bit smartphone, the iPhone 5s (7th generation iPhone), manufactured by Taiwanese Hon Hai Precision Industry Co (aka Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer) , first released on September 20, 2013, running iOS 7.0, and supporting a fingerprint scanner. Apple wasn’t the first company using a biometric identification system but the 5s was the first smartphone with a perfectly functioning approach.

Bug fixing is just one of the main reasons to update an OS. An important other area developers have to work on is security. There are two reasons for delayed security updates from the customer’s point of view:

  • OS providers aren’t ready with fixing the vulnerability
  • You are the -proud- owner of one of the 18k different Android-based devices.

It’s all about fragmentation.

Fixing bugs is a complicated business. You have to test with multiple operating system versions, hardware vendor interface layers, hardware configurations, and network capabilities. The testing matrix for Android-based devices can be a serious challenge, impacting your product’s quality, time-to-market, and in the end, profitability.

That fragmentation is tough on developers, the folks who make apps you love. When you’re making software for so many devices, it’s difficult to make sure your app works well for each unique piece of hardware. It’s part of the reason why Android still tends to get updates much later than iOS does (except a minority of devices, aka androidone devices, running pure Android).

Less fragmentation and hardware durability is the reason why Lisa Jackson, VP of Environment at Apple, told us about iDevices:

“Because they last longer, you can keep using them. And keeping using them is the best thing for the planet.”

Thanks for reading.