An unfair comparison?

My answer is No.

• Prices are comparable
• Cameras are comparable
• Screen sizes are in vogue
• XR with the lowest pixel density but you won’t see a significant difference because your eyes are the limitation

Cons of the iPhone XR …

• 194g (6.8 oz)
• Lightning instead of USB-C

This is definitely against Apple’s environmental initiatives and I hope the time will come soon that the EU will ban proprietary solutions.

• Face ID as the only biometric authentication system
• Still no expandable storage

Since the very first model it’s not possible to use SD-Cards. Storage is cheaper than ever but iPhone customers don’t benefit. Despite the cost of NAND flash memory halving in price over the past year, Apple hasn’t reduced the cost of its iPhones accordingly. In fact, Apple charges the same 78 cents-per-gig (compared to 25 cents-per-gig costs) that it did in 2017, meaning that the iPhone is even more profitable.

Pros of the XR …

It’s likely that you’ll get iOS updates for 5-6 years. Usually the durability of Apple products is hard to beat.

More …

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Thanks for reading.