The Agony of Choice 2018

Apple revamped its lineup of iPhones on September 12, 2018. The devices are really great but I recognized some shortcomings.

  • Discontinued iPhone SE
  • No iPhone below €500
  • Pointless memory size for the 7/7 Plus with 32GB and the much appreciated 64GB discontinued
  • No second biometric authentication system
  • Ridiculous 5W Charger even for the €1,649 device (without tax in Germany it’s €1,386 which equals $1,563!).
  • Headphones with Lightning connector so that it cannot used for any other device and it’s likely that we need an adapter again if the company moves over to USB-C
  • Inconsistent technology because 3D-Touch is missing on the XR
  • Adapter Lightning-3.5mm headphone jack is not included in delivery
  • Silicone cases of the X can’t be used for the XS because of a slightly different camera position

Not to talk about the ever increasing price. I‘m sure we’ll have a $2,000 device soon. Hopefully not with a 5W Charger.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Hardware is nothing (but a conglomerate of expensive materials) without software. With iOS 12 Apple is supporting devices as far back as 2013’s iPhone 5s, so if you have an older iPhone this new update is definitely worth a shot before deciding to go out to buy a new phone.

Enjoy the map. Hope it helps.