Emergency Aid

Your beloved iThing doesn’t work as promised. In case of this life-threatening disaster do not follow Albert Einstein’s saying “The only real valuable thing is intuition”. Instead read this DIY post.

Try it out in that order.

Before you start make a backup

via Settings – [your name] iCloud – iCloud Backup – Backup now or backup your device to iTunes using a password. Only using a password ensures that the backup includes sensitive data like mail account or bank login data, etc.

0 Battery

Some problems can be caused by a weak/damaged battery. So please go to “Settings – Battery – Battery Health” and look for any hints which might point to your problem. More details on

HT 208387

If that didn’t help or isn’t possible, try …

1 Restart

HT 201559

If that didn’t fix the problem, try …

2 Restore

PH 12521

_If that didn’t fix the problem, try_ …

3 Recovery

HT 201263

If you’re faced with device activation problems or forgot your passcode …

4 Activation

Find my iPhone Activation Lock …

BT 201365

If you can’t activate …

HT 201407

5 Forgotten passcode

HT 204306

If you can’t fix the problem

with the aforementioned procedures please contact the Apple Support, an Apple Store, or an authorized repair center in your country.

Believe me, you don’t have other options. Don’t trust in what you find on the Internet published by semi-professionals. You’ll waste your time.

It cannot be excluded that it’s not your device but a (hidden) bug in iOS or a hidden damage of your device that causes the problem.

You may also visit the

Apple Support Communities

to look for further information.

Thanks for reading and good luck.