The 6s Plus Camera

Think about this awesome device

before it’s possibly discontinued on September 12.

You might ask why I post content about my three year old device. Well, I don’t see big differences in what the 6s Plus camera can do compared to iPhone iterations.

And hey, it actually costs $549!

On paper the iPhone 6s Plus specifications don’t look too impressive next to some of the high-powered Android competitors but, as usual, Apple is getting the most out of the hardware resources.

In good light the device usually delivers consistently good exposure and images with slightly saturated and warm but pleasant colors. As usual on small-sensor smartphone cameras dynamic range is a limitation but the iPhone is just a touch less prone to highlight clipping than many of its rivals.

When zooming in to 100% images still look good but sometimes also much processed with a bit of noise in the mid-tone areas. Most people aren’t pros so the cheap 6s Plus is definitely worth to buy now. I think it will be discontinued after the September 12 event this year. So hurry up.

Look at the photo I took this morning of an oak tree. Isn’t it great?

Thanks for reading.