A copy of your data

At a Wall Street Journal conference in 2010, Steve Jobs talked about the responsibility tech companies have to protect user privacy.

“No, Silicon Valley is not monolithic. We’ve always had a very different view at privacy with some of our colleagues in the Valley. We take privacy extremely serious. Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for. In plain English and repeatedly. That’s what it means. … I believe people are smart and some people wanna share more data than other people do. Ask them. Ask them every time. … Let them know precisely what you gonna do with their data.”

You like to know

what Apple knows about you?

The EU‘s GDPR gives you the right to request what companies know about you.

• Visit https://www.apple.com/privacy/contact/

• Fill out the form.

• Then you‘ll get an e-mail from Apple.

„Dear Mr. Unterstenhoefer,

Thank you for contacting Apple’s privacy team.

At Apple, we take the privacy and security of your personal information very seriously. We design our products and services with this in mind.

We can arrange for a report of your account details as controlled by Apple.

However, to ensure the security of your personal information, we need to confirm your identity. Could you please send me the following information associated with the account, where available:

– full name

– Apple ID if known

– email address

– street address

– telephone number

– a registered product serial number

– AppleCare support case number, or date and time of AppleCare support chat

Please do not send any sensitive information such as credit card details or passwords.“

• Reply with the required information.

That’s it.

About a week after submitting the information requested, you‘ll receive a link and a password for downloading a .XLSX file, which can be opened in applications, like Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, or Apple Numbers.

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