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Daisy is the new destroyer
recycling tons of valuable material.

Daisy disassembles 200 of nine different iPhone models per hour. Apple can recover materials that traditional recyclers can’t – at a higher quality.

Keep in mind

a ton of Gold is $43,000,000 as of April 2018.

This, possibly more, can be recycled per year. And there are many more high-priced materials like Aluminum, Silver, Rare Earth, Tungsten, Copper, Platinum Group Metals, Tin, Cobalt, and Tantalum.

Sustainable recycling …

It’s not to be had for nothing.

We have to pay a lot more for products which are made without taking finite resources from the earth.

The industry follows lots of technological standards but I don’t see any initiative of the big manufacturers of eWaste to create a consortium which establishes rules for making eco-sensitive products (e.g. without chargers as an option, replaceable batteries, etc). The focus is still on making money. Adding more and more Smart Home Products needing more and more resources is not so smart as the industry likes to tell us.

Daisy in action …

keep your device longer than a year.