It often takes a long long time
to create a product near to perfectness.

Here are some thoughts about a discussion which is quite useless in many cases. They refer to “News” published about the triple-lens technology of HUAWEI’s new camera system and the assumption that Apple will copy this approach to improve image quality.

It’s a rocky road for the R&D guys from an early idea via a patent filing in 2009 to the innovative True Depth Camera for facial recognition implemented in Apple’s latest iPhone X in 2017.

This wouldn’t be possible without OPTICS, the branch of physics which involves the behaviour and properties of light, including its interactions with matter and the construction of instruments that use or detect it. It started with the development of lenses by the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians in 700 BC.

For the fans of competing technologies:

Yeah, you’re right. Apple is a copycat.

They also copied Wireless Charging in that they used essential results of the groundbreaking publication *“A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field”*

published by Scottish J.C. Maxwell in 1865.

What can we learn?

Everything has its preceding ideas and the copycat discussion is quite useless. What matters for us as customers is that we see improvements in devices of the brand we’re addicted to.

It’s strange to see that the manufacturers often do not claim to be THE FIRST who developed a technology but authors of magazines and of course fanboys do. They all don’t know who started the development first and they all don’t understand that you can’t copy a technology simply by buying a competing device and analyzing it.

The details of

US Patent 9582889

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