LIAM – An Innovation Story

Apple’s 26-armed robotic cutting tool
that removes valuable materials from iPhones

Liam has the potential to recover materials for every 100,000 iPhone 6 devices:

Aluminum 1900 kg, Gold 1.3 kg, Silver 7 kg, Rare Earth Elements 24 kg, Tungsten 3.5 kg, Copper 800 kg, Platinum Group, Metals 0.4 kg, Tin 55 kg, Cobalt 550 kg, Tantalum 2.5 kg.

So Apple is on the way to a closed loop but it will still take a long time to produce “zero waste” devices.

Sustainable recycling …

It’s not to be had for nothing.

We have to pay a lot more for products which are made without taking finite resources from the earth.

The industry follows lots of technological standards but I don’t see any initiative of the big manufacturers of eWaste to create a consortium which establishes rules for making eco-sensitive products (e.g. without chargers as an option, replaceable batteries, etc). The focus is still on making money. Adding more and more Smart Home Products needing more and more resources is not so smart as the industry likes to tell us.

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