I’ll be back, hopefully

A turbocharged SE successor
Paying tribute to the unforgettable Steve

No, it’s not Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger I’m talking about.

It’s a possible rebirth of the all-glass 4” iPhone 4s with a A10 chip (the predecessor of the latest A11 Bionic Processor but still working like a turbo charger), a fingerprint scanner (love it, because it unlocks the device immediately after taking it into my hand), and wireless charging (don’t see benefits, instead I’d like to see an edge-to-edge display) for an affordable price.

The “A big step for small“ – device would definitely be the G.O.A.T. among 4”-smartphones.

The original iPhone SE was announced in March 2016, but it didn’t get a significant update in 2017 (except a 128GB version).

China’s Huaquang Research analyst Pan Juitang thinks that Apple won’t ever update the SE because there isn’t enough demand for smaller devices. Consumers opt for larger displays. True, but Apple could implement an edge-to-edge display.

Applying Phythagoras‘ well-known equation a²+b²=c² to the dimensions of the SE (a=4.87“ and b=2.31“; c=diagonal) and considering small bezels a 5“ display would be possible without changing the housing‘s size. Enough to make lots of people happy and give India-based Wistron a juicy morsel.

Let’s wait some weeks.

I hope Apple will also do the math and find a way to avoid another notch-device.

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