Imagination, Megapixels, and Sophisticated Image Processing

I took this picture in 2010 with an iPhone 3GS (Slogan: „The fastest, smartest phone yet.” / iPhone OS 3.x / 3MP camera with video (VGA at 30 fps), photo and video geotagging) in Ban Dong Phong, a small village near Khon Kaen, Thailand.

It shows the fishnet of my spouse’s father. A great man working hard for the family during his whole life.

People might say that the quality of my image is poor but in my opinion it’s not the quality of an image but the related imagination which provokes the emotion you are looking for when viewing images. A lack in image quality will be compensated by a considerable increase in imagination.

But this all doesn’t mean that I’m unhappy with the consistent further development of the iPhone’s camera technology from my 3GS to my 6s Plus I currently own.

Thanks for reading.