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28 01 2018

Did you know that 44 likes iPhones?

But there’s more. Since years the world was looking for these little cute images of the Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

“There is an app for that.”

Lewis Hamilton’s official Hamoji app gives you access to over 200+ new & exclusive emoji, stickers and expressions, all handpicked by Lewis Hamilton himself.

And yes stats tell us that Apple’s App Store offers 2.2 million apps (as of March 2017). Sadly too many of them are as useless codings as Hamoji.

Btw, I can’t recommend this app.
I mean, you have to pay for this bullshit.
Better invest in a 44-Case to protect your iThing.

One last thing …

Developers, please make the world happy with Tanimojis animating Donald Trump when explaining alternate facts to the world.

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