Emojis, Animojis, Hamojis

Did you know that 44 likes iPhones?

But there’s more. Since years the world was looking for these little cute images of the Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

“There is an app for that.”

Lewis Hamilton’s official Hamoji app gives you access to over 200+ new & exclusive emoji, stickers and expressions, all handpicked by Lewis Hamilton himself.

And yes stats tell us that Apple’s App Store offers a lot more than 2 million apps (2018). Sadly too many of them are as useless codings as Hamoji.

Btw, I can’t recommend this app.
I mean, you have to pay for this bullshit.
Better invest in a 44-Case to protect your iThing.

One last thing …

Developers, please make the world happy with Tanimojis animating Donald Trump when explaining alternate facts to the world.

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