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People love visual content because the human being is built to absorb such kind of information.

So here is my concept map about iOS Updates for the iPhone including this year’s new hard- and software, a very special year, the 10th anniversary of Steve’s masterpiece.

The oldest model on which iOS 11 can be installed is the world’s first 64-Bit smartphone, the iPhone 5s, manufactured by Foxconn and first released on September 20, 2013. Apple wasn’t the first company using a biometric identification system but the 5s was the first smartphone with a perfectly functioning approach, the fingerprint scanner. Benchmark tests show us that it’s running smooth with iOS 11. So it still can be a powerful primary or backup device after upgrading to a newer model.

Again many people will and are already do repeat their yearly reproaches that Apple just delivered technology already implemented in the devices of its rivals.

What can we learn from history?

Well, everything has it’s preceding ideas.

Would Einstein’s Theory of Relativity be possible without Newton’s Laws?

Edison and Swan were the two most successful at combining the necessary technologies and engineering techniques to build a light bulb (electricity and the knowledge of how to economically create vacuums).

There is no need to talk about COPYING. Success comes up when intelligence combines the right things at the right time in a sexy apparel with high durability and a perfect user experience. This alone is already a technological achievement and innovation crowds of people today derive benefits from.

Regarding Apple’s success the most important thing Steve Jobs overtook from Alan Kay (one of the key scientists behind the graphical user interface and the object-oriented programming) was the belief

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.

Jobs made it to the core principle of Apple.

The company’s chip design regularly shows us that “less can be more”. Also with it comes less fragmentation (admittedly not relevant for people getting a new device every year) but it’s tough on developers keeping their code best performing on thousands of different configurations.

Less fragmentation could be useful, but …

A major opportunity to reduce the total environmental and social impacts caused during raw materials extraction and manufacturing of smartphones and tablets is to use the devices as long as possible. Nevertheless, it is observed that smartphones and tablets are often used for no longer than 3 years. In many cases, the reason for early replacement of smartphones and tablets is not attributed to a defect. A large number of these products are replaced even though they are still functional – psychological obsolescence. Short innovation cycles, aggressive advertising, tariff models of service providers, Apple’s trade-in offers, and of course thoughtless users are the sources for increasing environmental damages.

Use it up, wear it out,
make it do, or do without.

A saying which seems to be not worth thinking about in our times.

Want to know why the iPhone is special?

Just look at the 2013

iPhone 5s

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