iOS XI is coming

Scheduled for end users on Sep 19, 2017

Never change a running system.

The saying presumably comes from German IT-experts. What they mean can be described by the saying

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

of US businessman Thomas Bertram Lance who is credited with popularizing it.

Just like cars, other tech stuff and even your body and brain iPhones need regular service and maintenance in order to run smoothly with the latest app versions and to bring the latest improvements and security patches from the Cupertinos’ to customers.

So instead of relying on your battle-proven system running for years without incident and change, you should regularly patch and update. Of course this bares *risks*.

Like you your iThing can be buggy although that happens rarely.

Without a backup it’s likely that you’ll get a proper ticking-off if something doesn’t go your way. Apple warned you.

How to backup iThings

Also make sure you know your Apple ID password before you update to iOS11. If you don’t, here’s how to reset it.

Reset Password for Apple ID

Good luck, have fun.
It’s up to you to avoid a nightmare scenario.

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