iPhone X. Worth it?

In the USA …

Yes, value received if you don’t add additional costs for the wireless charging equipment, Apple Care, and a case which is mandatory for devices made of glass.

Outside the USA …

No, the price of the X is $999 which would convert to about €843 with a currency exchange rate of today. But Apple has its own exchange rates, not $1=€0.835 but $1=€1.15 and so it’s €1,149.

In addition to subtle tax avoidance strategies prices in the EU are another step to achieve a $1 trillion dollar market capital. What a nerve.

In my humble opinion the 6S Plus is the best alternative to be on iOS. It offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

But money is just one side of the coin.

Loyalty, design, excitement, must-have feeling, feast for the eyes, and last but not least lots of subtle improvements are on the other side.

So my overall assessment is YES and NO.

I know that currencies can be volatile and countries have different taxes. So the difference between the prices in $ and € might have a justification.

But my wallet doesn’t care.

Do I feel sad not to have the money? No.

Firstly, my 6s Plus is still a very powerful device and supports the useful 3D Touch.

Secondly, I feel committed to our environment and reject offers for yearly device upgrades.

Thirdly, there are a lot of bucks to invest in toys for my ever smiling grandchild.


  • Wireless fast charging needs another investment (Charger with more than 7.5W output power, Lightning Adapter; or even two for home and office).
  • If you think about a safety mask or other kinds of eye and face protection you won’t be happy with just one biometric identification system. A general disadvantage of Touch ID also if it’s the only system e.g. if a user wears gloves. Apple missed the chance to combine Face ID and Touch ID to give some kind of 2-Step Authentication for device unlocking and payments.
  • Plans of providers not taken into account
  • Prices taken from the German Store
  • If you’re living in Brazil ($1,468 for the iPhone X with 64 GB), it’s probably cheaper to book a round trip flight to NY and pick up your new iThing.

Two more things …

  • Apple, its bordering on impudence to again add this tiny 5 W charger not capable of fast charging.
  • There is a 256 GB version but the zipper to backup it on a free 5 GB iCloud storage isn’t born yet. A huge challenge for their iOS developers.

Do what you absolutely have to do.

Apple fans, Enjoy the X.