Goodbye – Welcome

Saying Goodbye
is as easy as Saying Hello (sometimes)

Whenever Apple launches a new device its huge church of loyal users tend to upgrade.

That’s because they know Apple’s products deliver the highest customer satisfaction levels of any smartphone, they want to use the latest exciting Apple technologies, and of course like to carry that undefinable element of coolness with them.

Tangible and intangible values are firmly connected to Apple products. Tangibles help to finance a new device, intangibles let some people become sad when selling their beloved device. But don’t worry, you will have an exciting time with an innovative new device designed by Apple in California (and assembled in China, hopefully without manufacturing flaws).

If you want to sell your current iThing you should know How to say Goodbye.

This concept map visualizes what you have to do if you plan to sell it. Follow these steps so that the new proud owner isn’t faced with problems after paying a lot of money for a second-hand device.

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