Apple’s Kernel

Beside some iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS updates Apple also released a couple of human updates and it’s widely expected that there is also an update of the product line-up later this year.

The Software

The main responsibilities are still in the hands of well-known -oldtimers- professionals. Not in my map is the staff of the Industrial Design Group consisting of 22 brains well-conducted by British Sir Jonathan I’ve. It’s definitely the world’s best design team for electronic devices.

The Brand Makers

Advertising is at the front of delivering the proper message to customers and prospective customers. The purpose is to convince customers that a company’s products and services are the best, enhance the image of the company, point out and create a need, demonstrate new uses for established products, and announce new products.

Among technology companies, Apple is often perceived to have something that rivals like Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and others don’t have …

That indefinable element of coolness.

Responsible for most of Apple’s advertisements is TBWA/Media Arts Lab, the most successful ad agency in the world. But in this area we also see changes in that Apple produced more and more of its big global ad campaigns in-house.

The Hardware

An open question is which new devices will join Apple’s kernel this year. A warm welcome in advance from all ecosystem dwellers. Commissioners for Migration, Refugees and Integration, aka software developers, will take care of you and cure all childhood illnesses.

The Numbers

Luca Maestri is the man who has to collect the data for the long numbers with so many digits in Apple’s accounting. He has over 25 years of experience building and leading finance teams in global companies with significant operating scale and complexity. Prior to joining Apple, Luca was CFO at Xerox and previously at Nokia Siemens Networks. He began his career with General Motors and spent 20 years in finance and operating roles in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. While at GM, Luca was part of the team that established GM’s regional Asia Pacific operations, including manufacturing investments in China and Thailand. He later became CFO for all of GM’s operations in Europe, which spanned over 45 countries with annual net revenue of approximately $40 billion.

Albert Einstein once said

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”

I think you don’t agree Luca, right?

It’s your job to be fit in tax avoidance.


You like to be creative on your iThing?

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Review of Inspiration

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