Less Is More

but not in all cases.

This is a minimalist workplace I use sometimes to access my Surface Pro 4.
The screen shows the USysRibbon table (for ribbon customization) in a Microsoft Access database opened on a Surface Pro 4 and viewed on a Lumia 550 via the TeamViewer Remote Control app.

If you exactly know what you’re looking for on your computer then the screen size of a Lumia is sufficient.

I heard about rumors coming up with a so-called Surface Phone able to run W32 applications. This would definitely not the ocean-boiling innovation of the smartphone Microsoft talks about since months. The screen size – if the device should still fit into your pocket – doesn’t allow to do complex tasks.

CEO Satya Nadella declared that 2017 would see Microsoft launch the ultimate mobile device:

“We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today’s market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device.”

Hmm. Nebulous.
I don’t even can imagine what he means.

But hey, I can tell you what people all over the world like to have and I say it with the words of Steve Jobs when introducing the iPhone in 2007:

an iPod, a phone, and an Internet communicator

and 10 years later,

5G capable, highly secure, durable, with less OS fragmentation, with a great camera, and with lots of awesome apps.

Apps? Yeah, apps, that’s the environment where things are happening. You don’t have enough good apps? Well, you created the UWP but you still have more than 40,000 developers. Don’t dismiss them because of streamlining your business. Let them create the awesome apps users are looking for.

And don’t forget, a smartphone owner primarily feels well with the device in his hands, using it on the go, outside your Continuum.

Just advise your team to do it. It’s that easy and gives us more competition.

It will be much easier to continuously launch iterations with more and more benefits for users instead of endlessly talking about dummies.

Thanks for 🏄 by.