Creating a Public Photo Website

in a jiffy.

Here are the steps to quickly create a public photo website from within your Photos app. People with the link mustn’t have an Apple ID or an Apple device but I’m sure these poor people will take an iPhone into consideration after gaining this experience.

  • Open the app ‘Photos’ and select images.
  • Tap on the action menu bottom left and choose ‘iCloud Photo Sharing’.
  • Choose ‘New Shared Album’.
  • Enter an exciting name for your selection.

In my example it could be the visualization of a Steve Jobs’ quote

“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

or the wise saying

“At the right moment you have to do what nobody expects.”

  • In the app ‘Photos’ tap on ‘Shared’, tap on the newly created album and then on ‘People’ (bottom right). Activate ‘Public Website’ and you’ll get the link to the mobile-friendly website.

Nice feature, isn’t it?

About the image …

Satya Nadella

Oh, an innovative new monkey dance? That’s definitely a patent infringement. Ballmer should file a lawsuit.

Tim Cook

He found the next Big Thing, a flexible human being.

Steve Jobs

Rot! I’m just acting up.

Here is another nice feature of iOS you might be interested in …

Reply with annotated PDF

Off topic, but still a highlight …
Ballmer’s Monkey Boy Dance
Loving a company isn’t that bad for a CEO.
Doing the right things also!

Ballmer’s Monkey Boy Dance

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