Apple goes India

30 12 2016

I hope the country (and Apple) will keep a close eye on fair labor conditions.

Apple goes India

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Apple’s Supplier Responsibility

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30 12 2016

If you are urgently looking for a translation you should try out iTranslate for  Watch.

All that glitters is not gold especially when it comes to automated translations.

I don’t have experiences in other languages than German and Thai but translations from English into these two languages are most often horrible. Microsoft’s automated translations of their knowledge base articles are good examples for the lack in quality.

So use iTranslate just in the free version if you like to look up some word translations on your Apple Watch or iPhone. The app is quite good but it again shows the sheer impossibility of acceptable automated translations.

Btw, as long as the grammar of languages isn’t changed into processor-friendly rules we won’t see acceptable translations done by machines. Sadly.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your language
  2. Use Scribble or Voice input
  3. Wait for response of iPhone
  4. See and hear the translation

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A wise saying

27 12 2016

There are 3 constants in modern life:

death, taxes, and iPhone leaks.

Merry Christmas

21 12 2016

and a Happy New Year to all of you

even if you are following Baha’i, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, or any other doctrine.

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It’s the food bloggers need to continue their work.

Next Generation

21 12 2016

 Nothing more to say but a lot to think about.

Bug fixes and stability improvements

21 12 2016

“The method, as modeled by Andrew Cornett on Twitter, uses stretched ear piercings to hold the AirPods in place, allowing you to listen to music with only a mild level of discomfort. Think of your holey lobes like little earphone cup holders, finally giving purpose to vestigial parts of the human body that otherwise serve so little purpose that societies across the world ritually stab and force objects through them for no real reason.”

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Apple AirPods

Just a camera shot

21 12 2016

The surrounding area of Ban Dong Phong, a small village near Khon Kaen, Thailand, where I live since 4 months.

The shot was taken with my iPhone 6S Plus at 6:30 this morning.

Modern smartphones can replace classical cameras not only for normal users like me. Most often it’s not the image quality which is important but the brain adding lots of thoughts to it.

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